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Petit Louis Bistro
4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21210
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Petit Louis Bistro offers a Parisian bistro style environment in the Northern section of Baltimore City. Drawing on their personal enjoyment of similar venues throughout France, Tony and Cindy created a food and atmosphere combination which they knew Baltimore was lacking. The concept of a bistro is certainly not a new idea, but its classic definition is fairly unrealized in our culture.

822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
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In September 2007 Tony and Cindy opened Cinghiale in the Harbor East development of Baltimore city. Cinghiale (ching-GY AH-lay), which means wild boar in Italian, celebrates the richness and style of the Italian table. Guests will find cooking from the heart and an extensive wine list that brings the world’s largest wine making county to life.

The restaurant is designed as a gathering place; the center of downtown where everyone will go to meet over business or social occasions. Inspired by the energy of the late 50’s and early 60’s in cities like Milano and Bologna, Cinghiale has a lively urban bustle in the Enoteca, and a relaxed, elegance in the Osteria.

4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21210
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Tony and Cindy opened Johnny’s Restaurant in Roland Park in October 2012. Johnny’s is a Maryland seafood restaurant that centers around Maryland classics with a few modern twists.

“Maryland seafood is always a centerpiece of any family gathering, especially in the summer time. When I was growing up, for my family, there was no end of oysters, crabs and soft crabs. Once upon a time Maryland was called the land of pleasant living, we just want to bring a little back to you in Johnny’s terrific space.nShane Freeland is a super talented young guy, who’s been with us a number of years at Cinghiale. Just as important, he grew up as a local boy. This makes Maryland seafood an intuitive centerpiece for what we’re doing at Johnny’s.” –Tony

Bin 201 Wine + Spirits
201 Harker Place Annapolis Town Center, Annapolis, Maryland 21401
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BIN 201 Wine + Spirits opened its doors in the Annapolis Towne Centre at Parole in November of 2009. The store, open 7-days a week, offers over 800 labels of wines, as well as beer, spirits and other wine related retail products.

“The shop is designed to be a part of the lifestyle of living created at Annapolis Towne Centre,” said John Foreman, owner, BIN 201 Wine + Spirits. “We will always have wines open to allow customers the ability to taste the quality of our selection. It has been a pleasure to build this wine store in a city that I believe will appreciate a wonderful level of service and wine selections that are not easily found.”

Foreman Wolf believes the most important variable concerning wine is hedonistic value. Does the wine provide pleasure? If it does not, it will not be at the BIN. The next most important variable is a wine’s price to quality ration. If it’s exceptional, we will find a place for it.

Charleston Restaurant
1000 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
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Restaurateurs Tony and Cindy opened award-winning and highly acclaimed Charleston in 1997 in Baltimore’s burgeoning waterfront neighborhood, Harbor East. Charleston’s cuisine is designed and executed by Chef Cindy Wolf, multi-time James Beard Finalist for best chef, Mid-Atlantic. Chef Wolf’s cuisine is rooted in French fundamentals and the Low Country cooking of South Carolina, engaging both regional and international influences.

Cindy Lou’s Fish House
1215 Wills Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231
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Located in the Canopy by Hilton Baltimore Harbor Point hotel, Cindy Lou’s Fish House is a breathtaking waterfront restaurant by celebrated duo Tony and Cindy. The restaurant is inspired by the love for Southern food, flawless service, and joyful wine and cocktails. Cindy Lou’s features the most stunning views of the iconic century-old Domino Sugar refinery in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  The restaurant, its wrap-around bar, and the expansive patio and promenade areas are all open seven days a week, morning to evening. 

Bin 604 Wine + Spirits
711 South Central Avenue, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
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BIN 604 Wine + Spirits opened in November 2001 in Harbor East, right down the street from the Charleston and next to Whole Foods supermarket.

The collection of wines which is unique and dynamic changes week-to-week as well as season to season and many of them are exclusive to BIN 604, as they are unavailable in any other wine shop in the region. BIN 604 carries truly exceptional wines: affordable wines for everyday drinking, festive wines for special occasions, remarkable wines to give away and rare wines to collect.

The wines are arranged by characteristic rather than region. An entire section of the shop, the “Bargain Bin,” is devoted to incredible finds under $12/bottle. The goal is to make wine enjoyable and accessible to all wine lovers, regardless of their level of expertise. For savvy wine drinkers, we keep a dynamic inventory of exclusive imports and boutique wines. There is also a growing selection of beer and liquor.

The Milton Inn
14833 York Road, Sparks Glenco, Maryland 21152
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