Mission Statement

We work together for shared purpose. No one is working for anyone else, but all for each other. We come to work because we enjoy it and enjoy taking care of the team. We must share goals and mutually benefit from outcomes or our relationship is less valuable to each of us. Success and failure are shared.

Respect is overwhelmingly important for every person doing every job. You deserve respect from others and others deserve respect from you. This does NOT mean that you or others are perfect. (Saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to everyone that you work with is a good place to start.)

We foster a culture of acceptance, diversity and growth. We do not permit abuse, harassment, exclusion or negativity of any kind. We all grow by the diversity of the group. Broader perspective and cultural awareness come from sharing purpose with someone who is not exactly like you. We expect that everyone on our teams supports the growth and success of all.

All leaders in our company begin as hourly employees. Perspective is often more important than technical skill. If you don’t know what it is to do the job, you will not be able to lead, direct or teach someone else how to do it properly, nor respect what they must do.

Mostly we cook for people and clean up after people. We often get to do it really, really nicely. If you don’t like doing things for other people, you won’t like this work.

We buy food and wine from farmers and winegrowers we know and of whose product and work we can verify the quality.

In many cases, this leads us to work with dozens of local farms but has also made us friends around the world. We do not only buy local. We buy the very best available.

We constantly grow and improve our ecological awareness and work to reduce our environmental footprint. We owe a huge debt to the planet of which we are citizens.

We are one of the human-powered engines of our community. We have a responsibility to engage in a way that benefits those around us, our neighbors and our city, Baltimore.

Tony Foreman