It's Fun! It's French!

Petit Louis Bistro offers a Parisian bistro style environment in the Northern section of Baltimore City. Drawing on their personal enjoyment of similar venues throughout France, Tony & Cindy created a food and atmosphere combination which they knew Baltimore was lacking. The concept of a bistro is certainly not a new idea, but its classic definition is fairly unrealized in our culture.

For hundreds of years, bistros in France have been the daily gathering spots for locals to eat, drink, socialize, celebrate, catch up on what’s new in the village, or just enjoy at any time of the day. A similar role can be seen in the traditional pubs of Great Britain and trattorias in Italy.

As a local venue, a bistro’s function is not unlike that of an adjunct courthouse, boardroom, or church, oftentimes serving the community decisions more effectively for the presence of food, drink and familiar lively surroundings. The overriding mentality there was obvious: “Who cares what’s on the walls, or how tiny the table is, when the food is this good?” Whereas L’Ami Louis has evolved into Michelin 3-Star food in dilapidated structure, Tony and Cindy have painstakingly created a physical environment to achieve just such an attitude, for you, as our customer.


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