Maryland Seafood Restaurant

Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf opened Johnny’s Restaurant in Roland Park in October 2012. Johnny’s is a Maryland seafood restaurant that centers around Maryland classics with a few modern twists.

“Maryland seafood is always a centerpiece of any family gathering, especially in the summer time. When I was growing up, for my family, there was no end of oysters, crabs and soft crabs. Once upon a time Maryland was called the land of pleasant living, we just want to bring a little back to you in Johnny’s terrific space.nShane Freeland is a super talented young guy, who’s been with us a number of years at Cinghiale. Just as important, he grew up as a local boy. This makes Maryland seafood an intuitive centerpiece for what we’re doing at Johnny’s.” –Tony Foreman

The wine and beverage program is squarely focused on American products. There are approximately 50 wines by the glass or bottle. A selection of American and Mexican beers are featured, as well as cocktails and punch. The Whiskey Menu features 17+ selections. The coffee program is also top notch too.


Visit Us in Roland Park at: 4800 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21210

Contact Us at: 410.773.0777

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